Sunday, 14 June 2009

An almost vegetarian supper tonight. Three large portobello mushrooms were more than enough for the two of us. Beautiful pink strawberry and yogurt ice cream to follow.

Portobello mushrooms with leek and cheese sauce

3 portobello mushrooms
cheese sauce, about 300g
leeks chopped and softened in butter

Rub the mushrooms with a little oil and grill each side about 5 minutes. Mix the leeks with the cheese sauce, pile on top of the mushrooms. Grate extra cheese on top. Put back under grill until nicely browned. We ate this with boiled new potatoes and mangetout peas freshly picked from the garden(the peas, not the potatoes).

Strawberry and yogurt ice cream
500g strawberries
125g castor sugar
juice half a lemon
200g full fat greek yogurt

Roughly crush the strawberries with the sugar and lemon juice. Mix in the yogurt. I don't have an ice cream maker, so I pour the mixture into a shallow bowl and put in the freezer. After about an hour and a half, take out the bowl and stir well, mixing all the just frozen portions with the rest. put back in freezer and repeat the mixture a couple more times at about half hour intervals. Divide frozen mixture into 3 or 4 containers and put back in freezer.

This is a lovely, relatively guilt free ice cream, I like pieces of strawberry in it, so I just roughly crush the mixture.

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